TNK Flex

from Actiu

TNK Flex, designed by Alegre Design, provides two fundamental developments aimed at revolutionizing office furniture at Actiu: an ergonomic design that is based on both the support and interaction of the user.
89彩票总代理 Equally culminating comes the transcendance of the intelligent backrest, perfectly engineered to entrench Tnk Flex in the forefront of office chair designs. The automatic orbiting pivot reverts the chair back to its origional position without the user having to manually activate any mechanism.

89彩票总代理The supportive seating structure stems from the adaptable backrest (height, inclination, torque), granting the complete freedom of movement, while synchronously maintaining the correct ergonomic posture at all times.

The TNK Flex uses the technological platform from the TNK Collection, one that provides aunique and timeless design.

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TNK Flex by Actiu
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