Series 16 LED and Fluorescent

from Finelite

89彩票总代理Series 16 is an indirect/direct LED luminaire available in 2-Engine and 3-Engine models. The efficacious and affordable 2E is perfect for energy and budget conscious projects. The 3E features independently controlled uplight and downlight distributions. Both models have companion wall mounts. Optional extended die cast aluminum endcaps is available. Available in seamless, continuous runs. LED or fluorescent. 10-day shipping on standard orders. LED carries a 10-year warranty, with 90% of initial light output for 100,000 hours, and dimming standard. 185 color options. Center optic options include diffuse, perforated white cross blade and parabolic louver. Daylight and occupancy sensor options.

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Series 16 LED and Fluorescent by Finelite
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