Phone Booth


89彩票总代理Kettal presents the Phone Booth, within the new Kettal Acoustic Pavilions range.

89彩票总代理The Phone Booth is made of aluminum, acoustic panels, a roof formed by wood, anti-memory foam and parallel fabrics, (-40dB), and fireproof, (M1), and laminated glass doors, which guarantees an excellent reduction in the reverberation, creating an environment with pleasant acoustics and excellent aesthetics.

The Phone Booth is also equipped with an air recirculation system and interior lighting, all controlled by a motion sensor that detects the presence, aluminum shelves with power and USB sockets, and technical flooring.

89彩票总代理The Phone Booth of 110x120x217cm, is available in 30 colors of aluminum and 4 of parallels fabric, optional rear wall in acoustic glass.

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Phone Booth by KETTAL
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