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BuzziFalls – A playful space divider in BuzziFelt
To divide a space and create some privacy, BuzziFalls is a playful variation in our acoustic solutions range. These strips are made out of BuzziFelt with cut out shapes in various patterns from organics to geometrics to city skylines. This design is a playful solution to regulate sounds and create smaller areas in big spaces.

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BuzziFalls Standing – A playful folding screen in BuzziFelt

BuzziFalls, our playful room divider that was launched in 2014, is also available in a free-standing folding screen. Our ‘Trio’ version consists of 3 panels and is ideal to divide your office or room any way you want. It also exists in a single model which you can expand by adding multiple single panels. Personalize it by choosing a striking BuzziFelt color and one of our different patterns.

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BuzziFalls by BuzziSpace
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